v1.3.0 - BIG update, here's a list of some of the fixes:

  • Features
    • Don't draw if a surface/texture doesn't exist (avoids white boxes flashing)
    • Add ability to draw at depth
    • Can draw in Draw event
  • API
    • Added float4 -> gml color conversion functions
  • Fixes:
    • imguigml_texteditor_get_text returned nothing, also fixed indexing text editors
    • Fixed ImGuiGML bashing the cursor so that resize cursors, etc, didn't function properly.
    • Fixed ImGuiGML Display Issues when resizing the window or GUI Layer... more to come on this
  • Various doc fixes!


imguigml_demo_v1.3.0.zip 2 MB
Dec 30, 2017
imguigml-v1.3.0.yymp 351 kB
Dec 30, 2017

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