MacOS Support Added!

v1.82.0 is a "small" update in that all it is is support for macOS but that's actually kinda huge, huh?  It's in a beta state because I couldn't be bothered to get codesigning working this evening to test a YYC build of the example, but I'm pretty sure it works. There seems to be a crash on exit with the example that I'll hotfix over the weekend, but it appears if you kill the imgui object in a clean up, rather than letting a game_end clean it up, it'll be OK... maybe?

For some technical insight - I was finally able to get this to work by manually editing the extension's yy file to add the entry for the mac dylib. Basically, I just duped the windows entry, then renamed the file, and reassigned all new UUIDs for the new dylib. The IDE won't let you (for some reason) add functions with the same name, but this method seems to fly under the radar and be 100% ok with it. The more savvy of you are probably asking... "Doesn't that mean you could build Ubuntu too?" 



imguigml-v1.82.0.yymp 864 kB
Apr 13, 2018

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