Linux Support for ImGuiGML! (v1.100.3)

(If you downloaded ImGuiGML-v1.100.1.yymps or ImGuiGML-v1.100.2, I'm sorry, you'll need to download again, I had a SNAFU with it)

A large but small update! This update adds support for the Ubuntu platform which was particularly more popular now due to the release of the Linux IDE (well, Beta release of it).

While updating, I noticed that the imguigml_add_font_from_ttffunctionality was failing on both Linux and macOS, so that's now fixed as well! For some detail, I was using Dear Imgui's own file loading functions to load the ttf file directly, but it wasn't able to locate it in the filesystem reliably due to where Included Files end up on different platforms. The file is now loaded via GML, and the buffer is sent to the extension instead. Neat stuff right?


ImGuiGML-v1.100.3.yymps 2 MB
Aug 19, 2021

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