v1.75.0 - Integrated ImGui v1.53 and some critical fixes

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Besides the largest change - importing v1.53, there's also been a bunch of fixes to how imguigml_sprite and imguigml_sprite_button function. They're now using a sprite cacheing system to guarantee that the sprite rendered is how GMS would do it for ya.

Biggest 1.53 changes to look out for, in my opinion, is the Drag/Drop API. I haven't fully tested it but feel free to post issues if you find them.

We're careening towards 2.0.0... that'll include some big overhauls to how input and colors are handled... as well as solidify ImGuiGML against crashes a lot better!

v1.75.0 - Soft update to v1.53 - no new functions wrapped, but api updated.

  • Fixes
    • imguigml_sprite and imguigml_sprite_button now draw trimmed sprites and sprite_added sprites correctly. (added sprite cache)
  • Breaking Changes
    • imguigml_get_items_line_height_with_spacing is now imguigml_get_items_line_height_with_spacing
    • removed imguigml_is_root_window_focused() see focused flags
    • removed imguigml_is_root_window_or_any_child_focused() see focused flags
    • removed imguigml_is_root_window_or_any_child_hovered() see focused flags
    • removed imguigml_set_next_window_content_width()
    • removed EImGuiGML_WindowFlags: ShowBorders
  • API Changes
    • imguigml_drawlist_add_poly and imguigml_drawlist_add_convex_poly_filled no longer accept AA param
    • imguigml_is_window_focused now takes EImGui_FocuseFlags
  • ADDED (from 1.53)
    • imguigml_drawlist_set_flags and imguigml_drawlist_get_flags for messing with antialiasing (replacing the param above)
    • imguigml_drawlist_use_overlay and imguigml_drawlist_use_window allowing use of the new overlay
    • imguigml_style_colors_light
    • imguigml_io_set_cursor_blink and get.
    • imguigml_show_demo_window, imguigml_show_metrics_window, imguigml_show_style_selector, imguigml_show_user_guide, imguigml_show_font_selector
    • imguigml_begin_drag_drop_source, imguigml_set_drag_drop_payload, imguigml_end_drag_drop_source, imguigml_begin_drop_target, imguigml_accept_drag_drop_payload, imguigml_end_drag_drop_target
    • imguigml_payload, imguigml_payload_get
    • Flags
      • Added PopupRounding, WindowBorderSize, FrameBorderSize, ChildBorderSize to EImGui_StyleVar
      • Added EImGui_InputTextFlags.NoUndoRedo
      • Added EImGui_WindowFlags: ResizeFromAnySide
      • Added EImGui_FocusedFlags to pass to imguigml_is_window_focused, replacing the obsolete root_window functions
      • Added EImGui_HoveredFlags RootWindow and ChildWindow to include in hovered tests
      • Added EImGui_DrawCornerFlags for rounding flags


imguigml_demo_v1.75.0.zip 2 MB
Jan 14, 2018
imguigml-v1.75.0.yymp 378 kB
Jan 14, 2018

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