ImGuiGML v1.100.0 Released!

ImGuiGML has been updated to v1.100.0 after a 2 year hiatus!

This version updates to Dear Imgui v1.83 (the latest public release) as well as finally fixes the buffer_set_surface issue that so many have found with the old version when trying to use GMS 2 2.3. 

Other changes / fixes include:

  • Windows x64 support added
  • Support for macOS added back in, with support for both M1 and Intel architectures
  • Fix for YYC building issues

The structure of the extension has changed in the new update - with "loose" script files now being included rather than packing them into a GML extension. Truthfully, this was primarily because I've lost all of my tools I used to do the extension packing previously, but also, it's much fewer script files now with the new GMS 2.3 style script files where you can pack a bunch of scripts into 1. 

The dependencies on old rousr extensions has been removed, and ImGuiGML is now its own isolated package.

I have not updated ImGuiGML to wrap any new v1.83 Dear Imgui functionality. I will be looking to add more functions soon, but if there's anything you feel you're missing out on, let me know with a message on Twitter (@babyj3ans) or hop on the Rousr Discord!


ImGuiGML v1.100.0.yymps 2 MB
Aug 18, 2021

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