LuaRousr v1.0.0 Released! Here's the Change Log...

Today marks the release of LuaRousr v1.0.0! (Also available at the YYG Marketplace)

There's quite a few changes here, we'll start with the changelog:

  • API Changes:
    • Renamed luaRousr_killThread to luaRousr_killThreads to more accurately match its function, no longer accepts a contextId
    • luaRousr_executeFile and luaRousr_executeString no longer return a script_context_id and just return true on success.
    • Added
      • luaRousr_init - optional script to create LuaRousr
      • luaRousr_bindInstanceVariable(instance_id, memberName, defaultVal, readOnly) - bind your own instance variables to your bound instance
      • luaRousr_bindResource(_name, _index) and luaRousr_unbindResource(_indexOrName) to manage resource binds (access in Lua as GMLResource("name"))
      • luaRousr_retainCallback and luaRousr_releaseCallback for managing functions passed from Lua's Lifetime.
      • luaRousr_addDebugPrintListener and luaRousr_removeDebugPrintListener added, allowing you to add custom print handlers.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed calling Lua from Lua called GML functions
      • Nesting Lua->Gml->Lua->Gml should now call functions correctly.
    • Fixed luaRousr_call not returning values properly
    • Rewrote Instance Syncing
      • rousr_sync was not actually being called after initial instantiation, so GML updates to objects wouldn't be seen by Lua
      • Smart Syncing that caches reads/writes to minimize communication between GML/Lua
  • New Features:
    • Added support for passing functions as arguments to GML, i.e.,: lua -- Lua Code set_game_callback(function(str) print (str) end)
    • Added support for calling those functions, i.e.,: ```javascript // GML code ///@func set_game_callback(callbackId) var callbackId = argument0; // got from the setgamecallback lua function luaRousr_callLua(callbackId, "hello");


luaRousr v1.0.0 - 2 MB
Oct 19, 2017
LuaRousr-1.0.0.yyz 1 MB
Oct 19, 2017

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