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Is there plans for a 64bit version? I'm seeing a lot errors in the latest GM 2022.9 which says

..."rousrDissonance.dll") for function "Init" failed with error code 126 ("The specified module could not be found."). Machine type mismatch - DLL is type 332 (x86/I386), game is type 34404 (x64/AMD64).

how do i download the gms1.4 version?



Add Linux build please.


Where can I find the GMS1.4 version?

Deleted post

When trying this out, I got "Discord RPC not initalized". I took the demo and changed the app id.

Also is there a way how to get the user id of the current player with dissonance?

can we still use this for 1.4 tho?

The 1.4 version still works but is no longer being updated... this means there’s no MacOS support for the 1.4 version.